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Created in 2017, Le Village by CA Atlantique Vendee brings together startups and partner companies (SMEs, ETIs, large corporations) to accelerate innovation and business. Anchored on two territories, Loire-Atlantique and Vendée, we have offices in Nantes and La Roche-sur-Yon.


Our support for startups is based on three main areas: commercial acceleration on a national and international scale, customized support for project structuring and visibility of their solution.


We can count on experts who regularly accompany startups on subjects related to commercialization, marketing, legal issues, structuring, etc.


We support our Ambassador Partners (SMEs, ETIs, large corporations) in their innovation and transformation process by providing them with additional resources through innovative solutions.


Le Village is part of a network, which includes 42 villages in France, Luxembourg and Italy. All interconnected, Le Villages by CA bring together more than 1,250 accelerated startups and over 680 partner companies.




Accelered startups
Ambassador Partners
jobs created
Millions € in Fundraising
Accelered startups
Ambassador Partners
jobs created
Millions € in Fundraising




Discover start-ups that imagine and build solutions in response to the uses of tomorrow for employment, food, finance, housing, culture, commerce, cyber security, mobility, etc.

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Discover the Ambassador Partners (SMEs, ETIs and Large Groups) who trust us to accelerate their innovation and transformation process.


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Actualités du village

//  As part of the evolution of its value proposition, the Village by CA Atlantique Vendée wishes to enrich its offer by relying on an expertise present in the Crédit Agricole Group with the IFCAM - the Group's University. Intended for the various stakeholders in its ecosystem, these training courses inspired by startup best practices will be offered as of March 2021 and will help teams to learn about subjects related to management, communication and new working methods.



Training inspired by startup best practices


It is in the unprecedented context of 2020 that Le Village by CA Atlantique-Vendée has worked to enrich its offerings with the aim of accelerating the innovation and transformation process of the partner companies in its ecosystem. Convinced that the transformation of organizations succeeds when it relies on the men and women who make them up as the primary vector of value creation, Le Village by CA Atlantique Vendée wanted to develop a training offer inspired by the best practices of startups.


This is a first for Le Village by CA Atlantique Vendée, as it has joined forces with IFCAM. The core of this offer lies in the pooling of the skills of the two entities, particularly those of the Group embodied by IFCAM through its expertise in educational engineering. The Village by CA Atlantique Vendée team has therefore developed an initial catalog of eight training courses in conjunction with the IFCAM Group's University.




The contents were built around themes related to the activities of start-ups such as agile leadership, the art of the pitch, the development of one's personal impact through assertiveness... All anchored in reality with a maximum of practical situations.


For example, the day of training devoted to The Art of the Pitch is focused on increasing participants' skills in real-life situations. Thus, the first registrants are none other than project managers, sales managers or even managers who have, in their daily life, frequent situations where their ability to be convincing and to make people want to buy in a few minutes is challenged


In this action-oriented day, the participants unfold their pitch in front of the camera with a debriefing aimed at progress at the end of the day.


Participants come from a variety of backgrounds and come together to work on a common problem. The spirit of openness of the Village is respected with these inter-company training sessions.


Quality is a point of honor for Le Village by CA Atlantique Vendée. This is why it has decided to work with IFCAM to ensure that its training programs comply with the standards and are tested and approved. Quality certifications such as OPQF (Office Professionnel de Qualification des organismes de Formation) attest to the professionalism of a training organization and guarantee the quality of the services delivered. Data Dock and recently Qualiopi. 




Usefulness for the territory


These training sessions are given at the heart of the Village by CA in order to experience this permanent ebullition and discover a dynamic ecosystem. In other words, a third place that is conducive to taking a step aside to begin a transformation, first on an individual scale, and then for a wider dissemination.


Currently, the training courses are aimed at its ETI partners, startup teams and, more broadly, companies in the region that wish to acculturate their teams on subjects related to innovation. Employees of the regional bank as well as the teams of the group's subsidiaries present on the Campus by CA can also benefit from it.


Training between peers from different backgrounds aims to create a dynamic of openness, exchange in a friendly atmosphere and work in collaborative mode. 







This is the first time in France for the Swiss startup CleanMotion to test in real conditions its self-disinfecting handle which has more than two million views on LinkedIn. The test will take place at the heart of the Campus by CA, Route de Paris, with volunteer employees from February 11th to March 3rd, 2021.

Poignée clean motion

The Village by CA Atlantique Vendée, the startup gas pedal, has volunteered to test the innovation with the villagers (startups and partners) as well as the Campus by CA employees. The product will be tested with volunteers and will be subject to sanitary measures with hand washing before and after use. The objective of this test will be to develop the current prototype based on user feedback on criteria such as functionality, aesthetics and handling.

test clean motion au Village

Feedback on the maintenance part is also essential in order to facilitate long-term use. GSF Propreté & Services is responsible for cleaning all the areas of the Campus by CA and will mobilize its teams on the technical part of the self-disinfecting handle. The service will include the replacement of the hydroalcoholic solution tanks, the sponge and the batteries. GSF's research and development department will also be involved to provide technical input on future IOT topics.

The idea of CleanMotion was born from one of its two founders who encountered a recurrent problem when leaving public sanitary areas, which is that of having hands that are never properly disinfected. He worked on the subject and from a project initially focused on restaurants in Switzerland, he realized that it was actually a more global and specific problem depending on the structures (hospitals, ehpads, hotels, large companies ...) The product presentation video broadcasted during CES 2021 which took place from January 11 to 14 was a springboard for the startup thanks to the many influential media such as Interesting Engineering.


clean motion au village



"We had made a video to have something to show at CES 2021 if we couldn't get the product tested, but we never imagined such media coverage and excitement for the handle. Currently, we have over 700 emails to process and the incoming demand is growing every day. This event also allowed us to get in touch with contacts and companies, which allowed us to clarify our business model and redefine our target. Christophe Bouvier, Co-manager of CleanMotion.




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Born during the calls for applications, the Fast Interview series is composed of short videos highlighting the members of the Village team, startups, alumni and partners of our ecosystem.

It's an opportunity for startup founders to present their activities and talk about the support they receive from the Village by CA Atlantique Vendée.

These short videos allow future startups wishing to apply to obtain additional information on the startup offer and to see the different profiles integrated and the subjects on which they will potentially be challenged.


                                                                                           Click below to watch our series of Fast Interview  👇


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Ils parlent de nous

I congratulate the Village by CA Atlantique Vendée, because we are leaders and used to competing. But here and now (during the DG Club), I don't feel it and I don't experience it. This space is a real bubble that frees expression and creativity.

Laurent Gendreau - CEO - Cerfrance Vendée

Becoming an Ambassador Partner of the Village by CA Atlantique Vendée gives meaning to the changes we are making in line with our raison d'être and allows us to obtain additional resources for the implementation of our transformations.

Benoît Hennaut - Chairman of the Board - Herige Group