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Become Ambassador partner

The purpose of the Village by CA Atlantique Vendée is to serve the innovation and transformation process of businesses in our region.

Our primary vocation is to support Startups in their development. Year after year, hundreds of innovative companies have been supported by the Villages by CA network.

Knowing the Startups we support allows us to create synergies between the innovative solutions they develop and the needs of businesses in our area to provide them with additional resources.

They trust us

Support for innovation

Sourcing qualified

Have you identified areas for improvement on product, process, organizational or performance topics?

We provide you with additional resources by identifying innovative solutions for you developed by Startups in the Village by CA network.

Business connect

It is a day of meetings between Partner Companies of Villages by CA and Startups from the same sector, sector of activity or even from the same geographical area.

This is the opportunity to meet Startups from all over France and internationally (Italy and Luxembourg) offering innovative solutions: new products (growth relays), distribution channels, methods but also management or production.

Support for transformation


Acculturation workshops on various themes.

Meetings with startups and innovative players in our ecosystem.

School transition

A place of creation, inspiration and melting pot serving a desirable future in Le Village by CA Atlantique Vendée.

We are committed to supporting the training of students for the jobs of tomorrow while facilitating synergies with startups and partners.

IA Scool in partnership with
l’Ecole Simplon, Microsoft and Caisse Régionale Atlantique Vendée.

Design academy in partnership with Ecole de Design Nantes Atlantique.

Partnership with La chaire à impact positif Audencia


Programs inspired by start-up best practices. #acculturation

Inter-company training to learn from the experiences of participants from different backgrounds. #opening

In a third place conducive to sidestepping. #ecosystem

Training always rooted in reality with a maximum of scenarios. #experimentation

A la carte and progressive modules.

The integration of an ecosystem

Club DG

A time for privileged exchange between General Management and Ambassador Partners.  

Discovery and meeting with a startup supported by Le Village.

Selection committee

At the Village by CA, it is the Ambassador partners who vote to select the Startups that will join our support program.

Listening and exchanges allow everyone to express themselves with a strong principle: one company is equal to one vote.

Dedicated spaces

The Village is 2000m2 of spaces dedicated to innovation and creation.

Possibility of reserving work rooms for meetings, Management Committees or conferences.

It’s also an opportunity to meet the Village by CA startups informally.

Need additional information?

Alexis, our Partner Relations Manager, is available to answer all your questions regarding the Ambassador Partner offer.